Who Is Bridget Jones Baby Dad

Who Is Bridget Jones Baby Dad
Who Is Bridget Jones Baby Dad

Who Is Bridget Jones Baby Dad /\ It’s time to name names: Mr. Darcy is the one who gets Bridget pregnant. Yes, Bridget has a child by the much-loved Firth character, and he is shown at the end of the film raising the son (who looks just like him) with Bridget. Based on Helen Fielding’s fictitious columns, Bridget Jones’s Baby is a 2016 romantic comedy film directed by Sharon Maguire and written by Fielding, Dan Mazer, and Emma Thompson. It’s the follow-up to 2004’s Bridget Jones:

The Edge of Reason and the series’ third and final instalment. In this sequel, Renée Zellweger reprises her role as the bubbly singleton Bridget Jones, who finds out to her utter dismay that she is expecting a child. Bridget is expecting her first child, but the road to parenthood is rocky as she tries to conceal the identity of the father from both her husband-to-be and her secret lover, the quiet lawyer Mark Darcy (Colin Firth, also reprising his role). After a six-year absence, the picture marked Zellweger’s return to the big screen.

Production started in London on October 2, 2015. Release dates for the film in the United Kingdom and the United States were September 16 and October 5, 2016, respectively. The picture, which had an estimated budget of $35 million, was a critical and financial triumph, earning over $211 million around the world. Bridget Jones celebrates her 43rd year of life by going to a memorial service for her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Cleaver, who was killed in an aircraft crash and is now thought dead. Mark Darcy, another ex, is out with his new wife, Camilla.

Bridget now has a job as a television producer, and she and her coworker Miranda are very close. When Bridget spends her birthday night alone, she chooses to enjoy her single status. She accepts Miranda’s invitation to a music festival, where she falls into the mud and into the arms of a lovely man named Jack.

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Who Is Bridget Jones Baby Dad

Later that night, Bridget stumbles into his yurt under the influence, convinced that it is actually her and Miranda’s. He offers her a place to stay, and they have an intimate encounter the following night. When Bridget wakes up alone in the morning, she heads out without realising that Jack has already gone out to get breakfast for them.

Upon her return, Bridget attends the christening of her friend Jude’s newborn, for which she is the godmother and Mark has been asked to stand in at the last minute as the godfather. He explains that he and his wife have decided to divorce and that Camilla came to the burial solely to show her support. Bridget and Mark spend the night together after they realise they are still in love.

Bridget sneaks out of the house before Mark wakes up the next morning to catch his flight for work, and she writes him a note explaining why she doesn’t want to reconcile with him: she’s afraid they’ll make the same mistakes again.

Bridget eventually finds out she’s pregnant, weeks later. Despite her single status, she decides to keep the baby. After consulting with Dr. Rawlings, she determines that either Mark or Jack could be the father. The only way Miranda finds out that Jack is a billionaire mathematician and the founder of a dating service is when she sees him in a TV commercial and initiates contact with him.

Miranda and Bridget plot to have Jack on their TV show so they may collect DNA evidence to determine whether or not Jack is the biological father. While Bridget makes an effort to conceal her identity, he recognises her and inquires as to why she fled after their one night together. She says she’s sorry and then reveals she’s pregnant with his child (without naming Mark) while apologising profusely. Jack is shocked at first, but he quickly embraces his new job as a parent. Mark is so excited by the news that Bridget feels compelled to tell him about Jack. Dr. Rawlings suggests an amniocentesis DNA test, but Bridget refuses because of her concern for the safety of her unborn child.

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Bridget unexpectedly runs into Mark at the work gathering she invited Jack to. When the three of them have dinner together, Bridget finally discloses that she doesn’t know who the father is. Jack accepts the news with grace, but Mark storms off in dismay, only to return and show his support later. Mark and Jack’s rivalry stems from their growing resentment of one another’s closeness to Bridget.

Throughout the movie, Bridget has been attempting to sort out how she feels about Mark; after she goes into labour, we finally get some answers. Bridget reaches for Mark and Jack’s hands while they stand beside her hospital bed, and the two have a touching moment. But instead of holding onto both men, she interlocks her hands with Mark’s.

At this point, Jack appears to gracefully withdraw and leave the two of them alone. While Mark encourages Bridget between contractions, she just asks him what he plans to do if it turns out he isn’t the father. Isn’t that a sweet response of his? He’ll appreciate it for what it is, much like he appreciates her for who she is (to paraphrase his mushy comment from the first movie). It’s rather obvious that Mark is the father of Bridget’s son once she gives birth. In addition to the camera lingering on him for an extra few seconds, the young youngster also has the same dark eyes. Nonetheless, Emma Thompson’s character has both men go outside to verify.

Who Is Bridget Jones Baby Dad
Who Is Bridget Jones Baby Dad