Trysten Fellers Obituary

Trysten Fellers Obituary
Trysten Fellers Obituary

Trysten Fellers Obituary /\ Trysten Fellers was born to Fairfield, Montana natives Rory and Earl (Sonny) Fellers on September 21, 1998, in Great Falls. He was born in Fairfield and raised there until he moved to the family farm in 2008. During the summers, he would spend his time helping his grandfather put up hay, fishing in the ponds with his pal Dawson, and driving the trucks about the farm.

Starting at Fairfield Elementary, he moved to Golden Ridge Middle School before settling on Augusta Middle School in sixth grade and graduating in 2017. Even if schoolwork was not his forte, he enjoyed being a part of the student body and always made an effort to put a smile on Miss Cindy’s face when he arrived. He was frequently observed welding in the shop, assisting the instructors, and cracking up the whole time.

Trysten spent all seven of his formative years in Augusta actively participating in football, basketball, saxophone in band, and choir. He was a talented athlete and musician who excelled during his senior year at Augusta High. He was named academic all-state in football, won the football Leadership Award, was named Most Improved Defensive Player in basketball, was named Most Improved Vocalist in Choir, won awards at the State Music Festival, had the highest GPA increase across the entire school, and was crowned Homecoming King and Prom King. The students in his senior class voted him the one with the best hair, the best truck, and the most likely to make you smile. His Elk heritage was something he took great pride in.

After finishing high school, Trysten enrolled at GFC-MSU and earned his welding diploma in May of 2018. Trysten worked with his father at HL Ventures, doing everything from operating heavy machinery and hauling goods to welding and fabrication.

Trysten Fellers Obituary

Trysten’s fascination with heavy machinery began soon after he learned to walk. Spending time with trucks and tractors in play, at stores, on the road, and in the garage. Any exhaust system’s decibel level was fair game. Because of him, the agricultural tractors now feature sophisticated light bars. Everyone on the street recognised his trucks because he signed each one. He enjoyed going on long road trips to the mountains, where he would load up on firewood, cook hotdogs over an open fire, set up camp, ride his four-wheeler, and go jet-skiing on the lake.

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Trysten married Josie Moline, a native of Geraldine, in 2020. From the very beginning, they shared everything. By the following July, they had been engaged and had set their wedding date for July 24, 2021. He could hardly wait for that day to arrive; together, they had huge plans, and he was eager to go to work on them. He was also fulfilling a childhood ambition by moving back to the family farm with his girlfriend Josie.

Trysten is survived by his parents Rory and Sonny Fellers, his fiancée Josie Moline, his grandparents Mark and Karen Hansen, his aunt Rene’ Peters (Mitchell), and their children Remington, Gunnar, and Oakley, all of Fairfield, Montana; his grandmother Donna Carrier of Choteau, Montana; his aunt Tammy Mathews of Choteau, Montana; his uncle Robby Mathews of Choteau, Montana; his great-grand

His grandfather Walter “Sonnyboy” Carrier, his great-grandfather Richard Dauwalder, and his great-great-grandparents Harry and Elsie Agee all before him. His uncle Tommy Fellers and uncle Donald Mathews both died before him.

Many people who heard about Trysten Fellers’ death went online to look for his obituary and the details of his passing. Many are left wondering what killed Trysten Fellers after hearing the news. Many people have recently surfed the news of Trysten Fellers’s passing. The internet frequently spreads false information, such as the death of a person who is actually alive and well. However, the facts as stated in the obituary for Trysten Fellers are accurate, and we were able to locate several conversations on Twitter dedicated to remembering him. But here’s what we gathered from Trysten Fellers.

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What happened to Trysten Fellers is still a mystery to us. Trysten Fellers’s loved ones aren’t in the mood to talk about his death, so for the time being, we shouldn’t count on them for much help. However, rest assured that we will update this article with the correct information as soon as it becomes available. We pray that the loss and anguish the Fellers family is experiencing due to Trysten’s death will soon come to an end. We promise to keep you apprised of any new information regarding Trysten Fellers’s passing as it becomes available.

The unexpected death has devastated everyone close to the deceased. Let us also pray that God would give Trysten Fellers’ loved ones the strength they need to deal with his death. Our staff is currently putting out significant effort into determining what ultimately caused Trysten Fellers’ death. Trysten Fellers’s passing has left us with no new leads. However, rest assured that we will report the facts as soon as we learn them. We ask that you join us in praying for the comfort of Trysten Fellers’ loved ones during this time of great loss.

However, as of this writing, there haven’t been many reports on the press about what exactly caused Trysten Fellers’ death, and no orbital pronouncements have been made. Trysten Fellers, a resident of Fairfield, Montana, was born in Great Falls, and we regret to inform you that he passed away on May 14, 2021. As a touching expression of support, friends and family might light candles or send flowers in memory of the deceased. Please take a moment to sign Trysten Fellers’ guestbook and share your condolences with his family.

Trysten Fellers Obituary
Trysten Fellers Obituary