Johnny K9 Cause Of Death

Johnny K9 Cause Of Death
Johnny K9 Cause Of Death

Johnny K9 Cause Of Death /\ Canadian professional wrestler Ion William Croitoru passed away on February 21, 2017. He was born on December 7, 1963. He spent his formative years in Hamilton, Ontario. His ring identities Johnny K-9, Taras Bulba, and Bruiser Bedlam are more well-known among wrestling fans. Stampede Wrestling was just one of the many Canadian promotions he worked for; he also competed for New Japan Pro Wrestling, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and the World Wrestling Federation . He was a jobber in the WWF but was scheduled to take home championships from other promotions.

A history of legal troubles was also a well-known fact about Croitoru. As a biker, he identified with Satan’s Choice. After being tried and found guilty, he was sentenced to time in prison for his involvement in an assault, cocaine trafficking, and bombing a police station. He was arrested in 2005 for the murders of lawyer Lynn Gilbank and her husband Fred. Due to a lack of evidence, the charges were eventually withdrawn in June of 2006. Before his arrest in May 2009 on charges of conspiring to kill the Bacon Brothers, he was a security guard in Vancouver, British Columbia.

When the plot went wrong, Jonathan Barber lost his life, and now first-degree murder charges have been brought against Croitoru. In exchange for a stay of proceedings on the murder allegation, he entered a guilty plea to conspiracy in July 2013. Episode 11 of the third season of Vice TV’s documentary series Dark Side of the Ring focused on him. Croitoru was born in Hamilton, Ontario to Romanian parents. a native of the east Hamilton working class who frequented Bad Boy’s Gym when he was younger.

stated that before he entered professional wrestling, he played junior hockey with the Kitchener Rangers of the Ontario Hockey League. Croitoru reportedly played briefly with the Kitchener Rangers before being “bounced” by a coach who didn’t like his “bruising technique” and putting an end to his hopes of making it as a professional hockey player, as reported by Paul Legall of The Hamilton Spectator.

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Although he spent some time with the Rangers, no documentation of that can be located. He once benched 625 pounds, and he was a weightlifting prodigy. Wrestling fans are more likely to know him by one of his ring names: Bruiser Bedlam, Johnny K-9, and Taras Bulba. He worked for a number of Canadian companies, including Stampede Wrestling. He also wrestled professionally for New Japan Pro Wrestling, Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and the World Wrestling Federation (WWF).

However, despite being a mere employee in the WWF, he was much favoured to win titles in a number of other promotions. Croitoru’s notoriety preceded even his criminal history. He was a biker, thus he gravitated toward the band Satan’s Choice.

He was judged responsible for the assault, the distribution of cocaine, and the bombing of a police facility. The lawyer Lynn Gilbank and her husband Fred were killed in 2005, and he was arrested for their murders. In June of 2006, the charges were dropped because there wasn’t enough evidence to continue.

Johnny K9 Cause Of Death

He worked as a security guard in Vancouver, British Columbia before his arrest in May 2009. Later, he was accused of plotting the murder of the Bacon brothers. Jonathan Barber was killed when the plan backfired, and Croitoru has been charged with first-degree murder.

As a condition of getting the murder trial put off, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy in July 2013. Season 3, episode 11 of the Vice TV documentary series followed him. Croitoru was born in Hamilton, Ontario to parents of Romanian ancestry.

Croitoru used to go to Bad Boy’s, a gym in an economically disadvantaged section of east Hamilton, when he was younger. According to Croitoru, before he started wrestling professionally, he played junior hockey with the Kitchener Rangers of the Ontario Hockey League.

One Hamilton Spectator columnist, Paul Legall, writes, “His ambitions of making it to the NHL were destroyed when a coach didn’t appreciate his tough play and had him benched.” Legall adds that Croitoru played briefly for the Kitchener Rangers.

Today, February 22, 2017, the Hamilton Spectator announced the death of John Croitoru, better known as Johnny K-9 and Bruiser Bedlam in the wrestling world. Although the circumstances of his death are still unclear, he passed away in a halfway house in Toronto. In fact, he had just been freed from a British Columbia prison.

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Croitoru (also spelled Kroitoru) was reportedly found dead in Toronto’s Keele Community Correctional Centre, as reported by Susan Clairmont. 53 years old, he left behind a wife and three kids in British Columbia. There does not appear to be any record of his time spent with the Rangers. He had trained for years and could bench press 625 pounds. A local wrestler saw him working as a bouncer and convinced him to try out for the team when he stopped in for a drink.

Croitoru debuted in Stampede Wrestling in 1984, having learned the ropes from Nick DeCarlo and Victor Rosettani Sr. Bruce Hart had given Croitoru the name “Orhan Turgedan, The Terrible Turk” in the ring before he quit, and Croitoru used it for a short time.

He was a pro wrestler who competed for many regional promotions around Canada, including as Grand Prix Wrestling in the Atlantic provinces and Superstars of Wrestling in Ontario’s Windsor. By joining the American Wrestling Association in 1985, Croitoru received a career boost and a run as the organization’s Southern Heavyweight champion (AWA).

Having defeated Jerry Lawler on August 16, he was crowned champion, only to lose it in a rematch on September 6. The following month, Croitoru signed with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), where he wrestled as Johnny K-9 until 1989. As Croitoru tells it, he came up with the name while in police prison following a fight. After seeing the name “K-9” painted on a paddywagon, he adopted it as his own.

Croitoru’s go-to attacks were the Stomach Claw and the Flying Headbutt. Croitoru was said to weigh around 300 pounds and stood at least six feet tall. His nasty persona in the ring, which included a Fu Manchu moustache and a shaved head, was very effective at generating heat (fan wrath).

Johnny K9 Cause Of Death
Johnny K9 Cause Of Death