Gregor gysi krankheit

Gregor gysi krankheit
Gregor gysi krankheit

Gregor gysi krankheit |Gregor Gysi stammt aus einer Berliner Familie, deren Stammvater, der Seidenfärber Samuel Gysin , im frühen 18. Jahrhundert aus Läufelfingen (Schweiz) eingewandert war.

Gregor Gysi studierte Physik a der Universität Berlin und arbeitete als Seidenfärber in Berlin. Among his forebears, on the väterliche side, was Robert Oettel, the founder of the German Rassegeflügelzucht (German Rassegeelzucht).

Gysi also has a jüdische lineage, as evidenced by the presence of a jüdischen Urgroßvater on the mütterliche side and a jüdische Großmutter on the väterliche side. Klaus Gysi Gregor Gysis’ father, was Jewish according to Halacha;

Gregor Gysi, on the other hand, did not follow the law of Moses. “According to the Nürnberger Rassegesetzen, I am only 37,5 percent Jewish, and according to Jewish law, I am not a Jew at all, because I was not born to a Jewish mother.” He considers himself to be an atheist and a nonbeliever

The father, Klaus Gysi, was a student of economics who joined the KPD in 1931 and worked in the DDR after World War II.

He worked as a business manager for the Aufbau Verlag and later as a diplomat in Italy, as the DDR’s Minister of Culture, and as the state secretary for religious affairs. In addition, he worked as an IM Kurt for the Department of Homeland Security.

On the one hand, Gregor Gysis Vorfahren are descended from the jüdischen Kaufmannsfamilie Lessing, which originated in the vicinity of Bamberg and had a presence and business in Sankt Petersburg for a period of time.

His ancestor was the entrepreneur Anton Lessing, who was exiled to St. Petersburg, and his ancestor was the founder of the Bamberger Hofbräu AG, Simon Lessing, who was born in Bamberg.

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And, like a Löwin, Andrea Gysi had repeatedly placed herself in front of the family, insisting that Privates should remain private. After suffering several heart attacks in 2004,

Gregor Gysi had to undergo a potentially life-threatening brain operation as a result of an aneurysm in his brain. „It was a difficult year due to illness. “

My wife has been a tremendous help to me,” Gregor Gysi confided in the SUPERillu in an interview conducted three years ago. His previous statements included:

“I spend more time with my family and don’t pack in as many appointments into my calendar.” Gysi has been overburdened by her transformation from a fun-loving, full-of-life politician to a devoted, health-conscious family member for quite some time. Do you think he felt like he was trapped in a Käfig of good intentions at the end of the day?

Gysi, on the other hand, cannot stay away from politics, and it was only in May that he was appointed as the Linken-foreign Fraktion’s policy spokesperson: “I had to think about it for a while, but foreign policy interests and fascinates me,” he said.

Gregor gysi krankheit
Gregor gysi krankheit

“As a result, I’ve said my piece. Now I’m faced with a new task to complete. Previously, I was the only member of the group who spoke only once a year, which was the most rare occurrence in the group. Since taking office, I have spoken four times in the Bundestag, which is an impressive record for me.

This is enjoyable for me, and it allows me to make new connections, such as with messengers, on a regular basis. And I’ll make a decision on whether or not I’ll run for president again in the following year.”

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Gregor gysi krankheit

Gregor gysi krankheit