Brent Venables Salary

Brent Venables Salary
Brent Venables Salary

Brent Venables Salary /\ Venables’ new six-year deal will pay him an average of $7 million annually ($6.4 million beginning in 2022) and feature automatic $100,000 annual raises. Bonuses and retirement contributions of $600,000 per year are also part of his compensation package.

The University of Oklahoma Board of Regents met on Wednesday in Oklahoma City, as planned, and approved the conditions of football coach Brent Venables’ contract.

Venables’ new six-year contract will pay him an average of $7 million per year (beginning at $6.4 million in 2022). Bonuses and retirement contributions of $600,000 per year are also part of his compensation package. The university provides Venables with a $325,000 annual salary, while he supplements this with gifts from alumni and friends. Lebby, a graduate of OU, will make $1.8 million this year, $1.9 million in 2023, and $2 million in 2024 across the three years of his $5.7 million contract. It is said that he earned $1.2 million from Ole Miss this season and was offered a buyout of $750,000.

Similarly, Roof has agreed to a three-year, $3.45 million contract. In 2022, Roof will get $1.1 million, and in 2023 and 2024, he will earn $1.15 million and $1.2 million, respectively.All of Venables’s retained employees at OU also received new employment agreements and pay raises.

Jay Nunez, special teams quality control coach ($110,000), Xavier Brewer, senior defensive analyst ($100,000), Matt Holocek, senior offensive analyst ($100,000), Ryan Young, SOUL Mission director ($110,000), Curtis Lofton, SOUL Mission director ($100,000), and J.R. Sandlin, director of player personnel/recruitment ($100,000) were all recently added to the athletic department’s payroll, as reported in the Board of Regents’

Jerry Schmidt, the strength and conditioning coach, was paid $650,000 annually for two years. James Dobson, an assistant strength coach, received $225,000; Josue Matias, $150,000; Reggie McGrew, $100,000; and Thad Turnipseed, the executive director for football administration, made $350,000 annually for two years.

Brent Venables Salary

In addition, the regents gave its consent to the $275,000 annual salary that Norman attorney Woody Glass would receive for joining the administration team.First-year basketball coaches Jennie Baranczyk and Porter Moser were also subject to disciplinary measures. It was announced that both coaching contracts have been extended. Moser’s contract was extended from 2025 to 2027, and Baranczyk’s was extended from 2025 to 2028.

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Baranczyk’s salary increased from $475,000 to $550,000 after she led the Sooners to a 23-7 regular season in her first year, with additional increases of $25,000.Moser’s team is 17-14 heading into Thursday’s Big 12 Tournament, but he did not receive a raise in his annual salary of $2.8 million. According to a document disclosed by the university on Friday, new OU football coach Brent Venables agreed to a six-year, $43.5 million deal.

For a first-time head coach in college football, this is one of the highest contracts ever awarded.Venables’ salary will start at $7 million the first year and increase by $2 million each year after that.The contract is not final until it is authorised by the Oklahoma University Board of Regents, and its provisions are subject to change. It will be March before the next regents’ meeting is planned.

The paper was made public after an open records request was filed by The Oklahoman and other media.Venables, 50, replaced Lincoln Riley as coach of the Sooners on Sunday, when Riley left to become coach of USC.According to a document given by the university and cited by The Oklahoman newspaper and other news agencies, Venables has agreed to a six-year contract that would pay him an average yearly compensation of $7.25 million.

The Oklahoma Board of Regents has yet to ratify the deal, and the terms may yet be revised, although approval is anticipated in principle.The first-time head coach, who is 50 years old, will earn $7 million in Year 1.The paper revealed by the school states that Venables will be paid $325,000 per year as his base pay, with “extra and outside revenue unrestricted private funds” adding another $6,075,000 per year. Through January 31 of 2028, his annual compensation will climb by $100,000.

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A first-time head coach in college football may have gotten the richest contract ever.A $400,000 bonus is included if the team wins the national championship as part of the contract. The Board of Regents may decide to include additional bonus incentives in the final agreement.

The paper that was made public by OU did not include any sort of buyout provision.Venables will also get $600,000 per year in a retirement income supplement from the university, which will be fully vested immediately and paid monthly.To my knowledge, this is the richest deal ever given to a first-time head coach.The published agreement includes a $400,000 award for winning the national title, though other performance bonuses are likely in the final pact.

The disclosed draught omitted any mention of buyout provisions.Lincoln Riley, the previous head coach, left a week earlier to become the head coach of the Trojans of the University of Southern California, and on Sunday, Venables was hired to take his position.According to the document the university has provided, Venables would receive an annual salary of $6,075,000 plus a “additional and outside income unrestricted private money” of $325,000. His yearly salary will increase by $100,000 between now and January 31 of 2028.

The deal is widely regarded as one of the most lucrative ever offered to a college football team’s first-ever head coach. If the squad does win the national championship, they will receive a $400,000 bonus.Additional bonus incentives may be included if the arrangement is ultimately approved by the Board of Regents. OU did not include a buyout clause in its document. After Lincoln Riley quit after five years to become the head coach at USC, Oklahoma on Sunday hired Venables, who had been the defensive coordinator at Clemson for the previous ten seasons.

Riley averaged about $7.7 million a year in Oklahoma. The buyout from OU to USC was $4.2 million. Former head coach of the Oklahoma Sooners. It has been reported that Riley’s new contract with USC is for $110 million.

Brent Venables Salary
Brent Venables Salary